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Tue 23 Apr 2024


This colloquium is hosted by STScI and will be a fully virtual event.


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT


I will give an overview of the NOIRLab Sustainability Program which is aimed at reducing the center's carbon footprint from electricity, travel and vehicles by 50% by the end of 2027. NOIRLab built into the current 5-year period funded by NSF a commitment for the first 30% reduction. We have then subsequently secured funding to reach close to 50%. I will put the NOIRLab Sustainability Program in context of climate change, the 2020 decadal survey (Astro2020), and our responsibility as a nationally funded research center to lead also in addressing climate change. In addition, the presentation contains a tour of some of the larger projects we are undertaking, including installation of a large photovoltaic and battery system to power Gemini South fully on renewable energy, and cover about 70% of Rubin Observatory's needs once in operation.

Speaker: Inger Jorgensen (NOIRLab)


This event will be fully virtual. To stream the colloquium, please click the Webcast button above. 

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