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Mon 11 Mar 2024
Thu 14 Mar 2024


Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218

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ULLYSES: Continuing the Voyage of Discovery


The observational phase of the HST Ultraviolet Legacy Library of Young Stars as Essential Standards (ULLYSES) program initiated by the STScl Director in 2019 was completed in 2023. ULLYSES provides a legacy spectroscopic UV dataset for studying star formation both locally and across the universe. The program consists of two distinct components: ultraviolet-optical-infrared spectroscopy of T Tauri stars in star-forming regions of the Milky Way, and ultraviolet spectroscopy of metal-poor OB stars in the Magellanic Clouds and other nearby low metallicity dwarf galaxies. The dataset will establish a foundation for studying the final stages of low-mass star formation, and obtaining fundamental stellar parameters as a function of metallicity for high-mass stars. Although ground-based data contain much information necessary to advance understanding of these phenomena, ultraviolet spectroscopy provides powerful diagnostic information that cannot be obtained in any other way. This ambitious, multi-faceted project used 987 HST orbits in Cycles 27-29, making it the single largest program ever executed by HST. 

The ULLYSES observations are complemented by community-led, ancillary ground-based surveys that will considerably enhance the legacy value of the program. With the completion of the ULLYSES observations and ancillary programs, a variety of data products are now available, both from STScl and from the community. Initial results based on ULLYSES data are beginning to appear in the refereed literature. The time is ripe to review plans for scientific exploitation of the data, and launch new plans for research in additional areas that utilize these foundational data, e.g., interstellar medium, star and galaxy formation at high redshift, and star-planet interactions.

Consequently, this workshop is conceived as a celebration of the "end of the beginning" of ULLYSES and a forum for the community to decide next steps. Its goals are to provide:

  • A review of (and an advertisement for) the data collected under the auspices of ULLYSES;
  • A status update on current on-going work;
  • A forum for planning a roadmap to fulfill the promised goals of ULLYSES, and for planning community involvement in the analyses, through existing collaborations or otherwise;
  • A forum to discuss what other data should be collected in the near term to further enhance the legacy value of the ULLYSES dataset 
By fulfilling these goals, the workshop will also serve to engage additional members of the community who are not already involved with analyses of ULLYSES data, and to engage more junior members of the community, including those who might leverage ULLYSES data in HWO (Habitable Worlds Observatory) programs.
In keeping with the workshop format, discussion of planning and practicalities will be emphasized over the dissemination of scientific results, though the latter will also have a place. Throughout, talks and discussions will emphasize the role and importance of UV spectroscopy, although the synergistic information from other wavelengths is often necessary. Of special interest will be how the advances described in the HST Ultraviolet Legacy Science Definition WG report will be realized. 


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January 16 Abstract Submission Closes
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February 12 Registration Deadline

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