AUGUST 6, 2009

CALCOS v2.10 Release Notes

Relevant Trac tickets and PRs: 

Trac PR Updates
303 61307 CALCOS should append to the trailer file for each exposure.
395 62434 CALCOS should save wavecal file names in header.
399 62438 CALCOS should set SEGMENT to "BOTH" in x1d header.
408 62666 Calcos should write some new or different keywords.
422 62939 Miscellaneous changes to calcos.
425 62997 Calcos may need to update LAMPUSED.


  • The code for writing to trailer files was modified.  For the case that the input is a raw file rather than an association, the trailer for that file will contain all of the standard output, i.e. including numpy and pyfits version strings.
  • For OPT_ELEM G230L and CENWAVE 3360, stripe C was ignored, apparently because I thought there was no light on the detector for that stripe. But that was wrong, so the test for this case has been removed.
  • The check on a rawacq file to see whether it's an ACQ/IMAGE was not working; this has been fixed.
  • If one member of an association is missing or can't be calibrated, processing will continue (with a warning) using the remaining members. Previously calcos would stop with an error message.
  • Calcos now sets the LAMPUSED keyword to NONE if the wavecal lamp was supposed to be (i.e. tagflash or auto or GO wavecal) on but wasn't.
  • GLOBRT_B has been added to the list of keywords to be copied from the _b header.  SEGMENT and WAVECALS are now deleted from the primary header of an x1dsum file.
  • For rawaccum input data, keyword NEXTEND is updated in the output pseudo-corrtag file.

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