February 18, 2014

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These are the changes from calcos version 2.20.1 to "2.21 (2014-02-18)".

Relevant Trac Tickets and PRs
Trac PR Update
1061 76067 costools.x1dcorr should update the WCS keywords.
1064 76241 Rename some DQ flags in calcos.
1072 76440 Calcos should have an IRAF-independent TEAL interface.
1106 77183 Calcos can fail to write csum for auto/GO wavecal.



  • When x1dcorr in costools (x1d.py in calcos) is called to extract a 1-D spectrum, the flt and counts files are first recreated from the corrtag file. These files contained WCS keywords that were copied without change from the input corrtag table, and these table-specific keywords are not permitted in image headers. This was fixed by calling the function to populate the spectroscopic keywords.
  • A TEAL interface has been added to the calcos source directory, which allows the user to see and edit the calcos parameters interactively (import calcos; from stsci.tools import teal; teal.teal("calcos")).
  • The variables used for data quality flags have been renamed to agree with the interpretations of the data quality values for the latest bad pixel table, as described in the Data Handbook.
  • A bug was fixed in the code for trapping a missing-row exception. This is relevant primarily when writing a "calcos sum" (csum) file; calcos must trap the exception, write the csum file, and continue processing until all input files have been calibrated at least to the point of writing the csum file.

Other changes:

The __init__.py file was modified to add a TEAL interface to calcos. A help file (calcos.help) was added, and files calcos.cfg and calcos.cfgspc were added in the pars/ subdirectory.
Trac #1072, PR 76440

Changes to calcos.py:

Functions allWavecals and allScience were modified to expand the `try` sections of try/except statements, to catch possible exceptions in more functions than just basicCal. Also, a `finally` section was added to close the trailer file. Function processWavecal was modified to include a try/except statement, and this function now returns status.
Trac #1106, PR 77183

Changes to calcosparam.py:

Some of the variable names for data quality flag values were changed, e.g. for value 8, DQ_NEAR_EDGE was changed to DQ_POORLY_CALIBRATED.
Trac #1064, PR 76241:  Rename some DQ flags in calcos.

Changes to cosutil.py:

Function imageHeadertoTable was modified to reorganize and expand the list of (mostly WCS) keywords to be deleted.
Trac #1061, PR 76067

Changes to spwcs.py:

Function deleteKeywords was modified to expand the list of keywords to be deleted.
Trac #1061, PR 76067

Changes to x1d.py:

In function makeFltCounts, call spwcs.SpWcsImage to update the WCS keywords in the flt and counts files.
Trac #1061, PR 76067


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