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June 5, 2017

About This Article

Relevant PR Details

Updated code to be compatible with latest version of astropy and numpy (PR 86910)

  • Replaced new_table() calls with BinTableHDU.from_columns()
  • Checked that numpy indices are integers

Added DGEOCORR step (PR 86898)

  • Applies delta geometric correction
  • Uses new DGEOFILE reference file
  • Requires DGEOCORR header keyword

Added XWLKCORR and YWLKCORR steps, removed WALKCORR step (PR 86899)

  • Applies X and Y walk corrections separately, using a lookup table reference file instead of a polynomial calculation
  • Uses XWLKFILE and YWLKFILE reference files
  • Requires XWLKCORR and YWLKCORR header keywords
  • WALKCORR and WALKTAB keywords now obsolete

Added capability to set N_SIGMA for wavelength calibration in wcptab reference file (PR 86840)

  • WCPTAB reference file has new column N_SIGMA

Fixed bug in DQ calculation when twozone extraction is used (PR 87655)

  • Affected ends of the spectrum when multiple fp-pos positions used


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