MARCH 30, 2017

March 30, 2017 STAN

In this Newsletter we inform the community about the release of a new version of the HSLA which can be used in support of Cycle 25 proposal preparation. 

The Hubble Spectroscopic Legacy Archive (HSLA): New release of the data products in MAST

Since Cycle 24, the astronomical community has been offered a novel way of mining the Hubble data archive through the Hubble Spectroscopic Legacy Archive (HSLA). This archive provides quicklook spectra for raw COS/FUV, coadded COS/FUV spectra and raw COS/NUV data, as well as tools for measuring signal-to-noise and flux variability (see COS March 2016 STAN).

We announce the second release of the HSLA. In this release, all public raw COS/FUV spectra, all COS/FUV coadded spectra, and all raw COS/NUV spectra accessible through the HSLA are using the latest updates to the COS/FUV and COS/NUV reference files. The HSLA contents are also augmented with all COS datasets that entered the public domain since March 2016.

The HSLA products are available on MAST at: together with a description of their contents. Questions about the content of the HSLA can be sent to


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