MAY 3, 2017

May 2017 STAN

 In this Newsletter we announce untested and potentially incorrect/incomplete HST Conda software was accidentally made public for the period from 3:45 pm on Friday April 28 through 10:30 am Tuesday May 2.

Untested HST Conda Software Accidentally Available for Short Time Period

An update to the HST software environment was prematurely made public for the period from 3:45 pm on Friday April 28 through 10:30 am Tuesday May 2. The versions of software available during this period were being prepared for the next installation of the HST calibration pipeline to be installed in late-May/early-June 2017. Unfortunately, since this was a pre-release version of our software, running it on ACS or COS data would most likely result in the software crashing since the data would be missing new keywords and/or reference files that would be added with HST Data Processing(HSTDP) Build 2017.2. This new software also included untested changes for all other instruments as well which may have actually worked but resulted in changes to the data/headers in as-yet-to-be-documented ways.

Only those who explicitly performed an update on their conda environment or installed the standard software stack or legacy software stack during that period would have installed these pre-release versions of our software. The best solution is to install the pipeline software stack using the 2016.2 release. This will revert everything back to the previous official HSTDP release, and the 'stsci''hstcal', and 'hst' packages will all match those that are currently used in HST archive hosted by MAST.

If you have any concerns about this issue, please send in your questions to the HST Help Desk.


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Please Contact the HST Help Desk with any Questions