screenshot of JDox
JULY 16, 2019

JDox Improves Navigation and Adds Science Cookbooks

JWST User Documentation (JDox) has a redesigned look and an updated list of articles that improve your navigation and instruction. The most obvious design change you will notice is that a navigation tree now occupies the left hand sidebar of each article. Included in the navigation tree is a list of every article within JDox, organized by subject matter. An updated Proposal Planning Workflow will guide you through the proposal writing process and offer general pointers on how to most effectively utilize the sidebar. 

JDox also released a slate of new articles that focus on instruction for the various JWST observing modes, including imaging, integral-unit spectroscopy, moving targets, and coordinated parallels. Each of these observing modes now has an associated bundle of articles consisting of: 

Together, these sets of articles provide proposers with "cookbooks" necessary for putting together their observations. In the next release before the Cycle 1 call for proposals, the JDox team plans to release cookbook articles for remaining observing modes, including slit spectroscopy, wide-field slitless spectroscopy, multi-object spectroscopy, high-contrast imaging, and time-series observations. 

For technical assistance, please contact the JWST Help Desk.

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