OCTOBER 8, 2019

JWST Users Committee Recommendations to STScI

The JWST Users Committee met on September 9 and 10, 2019 to be briefed on the current status of the JWST project and support of the science community in preparation for the Cycle 1 Call for Proposals. The presentations made to the JSTUC are now available.

In response to the briefing, the JSTUC submitted a letter to Ken Sembach (STScI Director), John Mather (GSFC, JWST Senior Project Scientist), and Neill Reid (STScI, Associate Director for Science) with a number of recommendations in the areas of data analysis tools, the JSTUC membership rotation schedule, and a policy for scientific publications based on commissioning data. The JSTUC endorses the current STScI strategy of writing JWST data analysis tools in Python and proposes to create a new Data Analysis Sub-Committee to advise STScI on the development of data analysis tools.

Previous letters to the STScI director by the JSTUC and the former JWST Advisory Committee (JSTAC) are available at the bottom of the JWST Users Committee page.

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