FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Discover JWST Early Release Science with New Webinar Series

Updated 03/17/2020: Added link to all webinar videos on YouTube and updated schedule for March 18.

Updated 03/03/2020: Sasha Hinkley's presentation has been moved from March 4 to March 11.

Are you interested in using the Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science (DD-ERS) programs as inspiration for your own JWST proposals, or are you planning to write an archival proposal in Cycle 1 using ERS data?

Now you have the opportunity to learn more about the ERS programs from the teams themselves. During March, 2020, there will be a live weekly webinar, each featuring three or four ERS teams. The presentations will cover the science and technical implementation of the programs, as well as the data analysis products to be delivered to the community. The webinars will also be an opportunity to ask all your ERS questions, but if you can’t make the live event, don’t worry — we will post recordings on the JWSTObserver YouTube channel.

Here is the schedule for speakers and ERS programs by date. You can find all of the videos for past webinars in the Early Release Science (ERS) Webinars playlist on the JWSTObserver YouTube channel.

March 4: 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. (EST) 
Ryan Lau Establishing Extreme Dynamic Range with JWST: Decoding Smoke Signals in the Glare of a Wolf-Rayet Binary
Steve Finkelstein The Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) Survey
Imke de Pater ERS Observations of the Jovian System as a Demonstration of JWST’s Capabilities for Solar System Science


March 11: 10:30 a.m.-12 noon (EDT)
Sasha Hinkley High Contrast Imaging of Exoplanets and Exoplanetary Systems with JWST
Melissa McClure IceAge: Chemical Evolution of Ices during Star Formation
Dominika Wylezalek Q-3D: Imaging Spectroscopy of Quasar Hosts with JWST Analyzed with a Powerful New PSF Decomposition and Spectral Analysis Package
Daniel Weisz The Resolved Stellar Populations Early Release Science Program


March 18: 12 noon-1 p.m. (EDT)
Tommaso Treu Through the Looking GLASS: A JWST Exploration of Galaxy Formation and Evolution from Cosmic Dawn to Present Day
Lee Armus A JWST Study of the Starburst-AGN Connection in Merging LIRGs


March 25: 12 noon-1 p.m. (EDT)
Misty Bentz Nuclear Dynamics of a Nearby Seyfert with NIRSpec Integral Field Spectroscopy
Els Peeters Radiative Feedback from Massive Stars as Traced by Multiband Imaging and Spectroscopic Mosaics
Jane Rigby TEMPLATES: Targeting Extremely Magnified Panchromatic Lensed Arcs and Their Extended Star Formation


The Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Program presentation is TBD.

Read more about the Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science Program on the DD-ERS page.

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