JUNE 1, 2020

JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Schedule Update

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Significant uncertainties persist with regard to how the situation will evolve over the summer and fall.

Under those circumstances, and after consulting with the JWST Users Committee, STScI, NASA, ESA, and CSA have decided to delay announcing a formal schedule for JWST Cycle 1 GO/AR proposals. We anticipate providing a further update on the schedule in mid- to late-July. For planning purposes, STScI is exploring options for a proposal deadline in the fall with the Telescope Allocation Committee meeting in early 2021. The JWST launch schedule is evaluated independently by NASA.

Recognizing the challenges faced by the community, we will give at least twelve (12) weeks’ notice of the revised Cycle 1 proposal deadline. The JWST Call remains open and all proposal preparation tools and documentation continue to be available.

These remain stressful and challenging times for all of us. We wish the best to all members of our community and their families, particularly those affected directly by the pandemic. As always, please contact the JWST Help Desk if you have any questions.

For technical assistance, please contact the JWST Help Desk.

The NASA James Webb Space Telescope, developed in partnership with ESA and CSA, is operated by AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute.