Gemini infrared image of Jupiter
OCTOBER 7, 2020

JWST Observer Events at the 52nd Meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences

Just in time before the JWST Cycle 1 deadline, solar system observers have the opportunity to get answers to their JWST proposal questions at the upcoming meeting of the AAS Division of Planetary Sciences. STScI has organized several events to help.

Virtual Town Hall

Tuesday, October 27; 7:00-8:00 p.m. (EDT)
JWST Speaker: Stefanie Milam (GSFC)

The STScI Town Hall will feature updates from JWST, as well as the Roman and Hubble Space Telescopes. Stefanie Milam will present a mission update for JWST and answer questions related to the role of JWST in planetary science.

Webinar on JWST Solar System Proposing

Wednesday, October 28; 8:00-9:00 p.m. (EDT)
Speakers: John Stansberry (STScI), Bryan Holler (STScI)

The first 30 minutes will provide an overview of the tools needed to write a JWST solar system proposal, including the Moving Target Visibility Tool (MTVT), Exposure Time Calculator (ETC), and Astronomers Proposal Tool (APT). The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to a Q&A session for more detailed proposal planning.

JWST at the STScI Virtual Booth

Monday, October 26-Friday, October 30; during regular booth hours

At the STScI virtual booth, JWST experts will be available to answer questions about Cycle 1 proposals, and you can browse the Summer 2020 edition of the JWST Pocket Guide.


Gemini infrared image of Jupiter shown above. Image Credit:  International Gemini ObservatoryNOIRLabNSFAURAM. H. Wong (UC Berkeley) & Team

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