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DECEMBER 15, 2020

The JWST Cycle 1 User Survey Is Now Available

How was your experience preparing JWST proposals? What worked well, and what was frustrating? How could the process be improved? Your opinions, suggestions, and ideas are greatly appreciated!

Indeed, feedback from the JWST Observer community is one of the most important metrics used to improve the proposal submission process for future cycles. Many of the features of the Cycle 1 Call for Proposals were improved based on previous user surveys, such as the example science programs, context-sensitive help links in APT and the ETC, the ETC quick start mode, tutorial videos, the JWST Interactive Sensitivity Tool, and much more. The results of the survey will be published on JWST Observer, and used extensively by the STScI development teams to improve our proposal tools.

Everyone who worked on Cycle 1 proposals, in any role, is encouraged to participate. Please take ~10 minutes to provide feedback on your experience with the Cycle 1 proposal submission process.

Take the Survey Now


For technical assistance, please contact the JWST Help Desk.


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