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NOVEMBER 25, 2020

The JWST Observer Community Completes Submissions of Cycle 1 Proposals

The deadline for General Observer proposals for JWST Cycle 1 has passed, and with that milestone, STScI has now received the vast majority of the proposals that will eventually be executed during the first year of science operations. The next step will be the meeting of the JWST Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC) in February/March 2021, and the selection of the final, and complete, observing program.

The JWST Project and STScI are immensely grateful to the entire community for their dedication to JWST. We know that the learning curve was steep, and that it took extra effort to craft the proposals. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone worldwide who contributed. The science programs that were written in the course of the past few weeks, along with existing Guaranteed Time and Early Release Science programs, will define the scientific impact of the observatory and lay out a path for future cycles.

STScI recorded the submission of at least 1170 General Observer proposals. The JWST help desk responded to more than 350 questions in the two weeks preceding the deadline, and the JWST ETC served at least 267,500 calculations in the same time period (for an average of 229 calculations per proposal). The last day before the deadline, November 24, served more than 36,000 ETC calculations, the most of any single day thus far.


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