September 1, 2023

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STScI wants to hear how you overcame challenges presented by JWST data. Share your knowledge and results at a workshop dedicated to improving JWST data products. Please register early so we can start building the program.

The JWST calibration pipeline automatically processes data from all JWST instruments and observing modes, producing both fully calibrated individual exposures and high-level data products. After more than a year of normal operations, the JWST science community has built up significant experience with the calibration pipeline. To leverage that expertise, STScI is hosting the “Improving JWST Data Products" workshop on November 14-17, 2023. The workshop will bring together experienced users who have improved, extended, or superseded the JWST calibration pipeline. The overarching goal of this workshop is to inform near-term efforts to improve JWST data products and software for the benefit of the entire astronomical community.

For detailed information about abstract submission and to register, please visit the conference webpage.


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