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August 28, 2023

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Updated 9/30/2023: Registration is no longer open, but you can access materials and recordings on the JWebbinars page a week or two after the event.

Registration is now open for the next three JWebbinars, scheduled for September:

  • JWebbinar 25 - MAST: The JWST Data Archive to be held on September 19th at 9 am (US Eastern Time) and/or September 20th at 2 pm (US Eastern Time), depending on demand

    Investigators who intend to propose for JWST observations in Cycle 3 will benefit from learning about MAST tools to search for existing or anticipated data that may help their research programs, and to discover potential duplications with observations they would like to make. This JWebbinar will include presentations and notebooks for graphical and scripted queries of MAST holdings, and tips for evaluating potential duplications. We will also offer tips and advice for retrieving JWST data, and provide links to documents and other resources for visualizing advanced JWST data products. There will be ample time during the workshop for participant questions and answers.
  • JWebbinar 26 -  Introduction to the JWST Exposure Time Calculator for Cycle 3 to be held on September 21st at 2 pm (US Eastern Time) and/or September 22nd at 10 am (US Eastern Time), depending on demand

    This JWebbinar will focus on the Exposure Time Calculator (ETC), one of the possible entry points when constructing a JWST proposal. The ETC provides many options that contemporary calculators do not, which can be both helpful and daunting. The purpose of this JWebbinar is to first walk through ETC usage linearly to obtain results for a straightforward observation of a point source, followed by the inclusion of more advanced ETC features for more complex observations. These advanced features are "modular" in the sense that multiple, or only one, can be used for any given ETC calculation, so the various options will first be presented separately, then combined to represent real use cases.
  • JWebbinar 27 - Introduction to the Astronomer's Proposal Tool for JWST for Cycle 3 to be held on September 27th at 9 am (US Eastern Time) and/or September 28th at 2 pm (US Eastern Time), depending on demand

    The presenters will describe how to create a basic APT program and the tools available in APT. Topics included will be the form editor, mosaics, visit planner, timeline and Aladin. Moving targets, pure parallels, and the MSA Planning Tool will not be covered in this JWebbinar.

Visit the JWebbinar webpage for information on the entire series of data analysis webinars.

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