November 14, 2023

Registration is now open for JWebbinar 29, "JWST NIRSpec Time-Series Observations: From Uncalibrated Data to Transit Light Curves using CalWebb," to be held on Thursday, December 14th at 9-11 am (US Eastern Time) and/or Friday, December 15th at 2-4 pm (US Eastern Time), depending on demand. This JWebbinar covers:

  • Introduction to transit spectroscopy with BOTS
  • Download of uncalibrated data from the MAST
  • Step-by-step pipeline processing using the 'Detector1Pipeline' and visualization of intermediate products
  • Spectral and complementary fitting data extraction and production of white light curve

Visit the JWebbinar webpage for information on the entire series of data analysis webinars. Registration for JWebbinar 29 closes on December 8, 2023.

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