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STScI hosts colloquia, conferences, lectures, meetings, symposia, and workshops that cover a broad array of topics of interest to the astronomical community as well as the general public. From this page, you can find current, upcoming, and past events of interest.

Use the filter bar below to search by specific event criteria including Type, Mission, Keyword, and/or Date. Click the Submit button to generate the query. Information and resources for each event can be found by clicking on the "Read More" link. All times listed are Eastern Time, unless otherwise noted.

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Understanding Planetary Habitability using Exoplanet Atmospheres

April 4, 2023 Lectures
Speaker: Katherine Bennett (Johns Hopkins University) Recorded live on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Unveiling the Secret History of Dwarf Galaxies by Surveying their Pulsating Stars

April 5, 2023 Colloquia
Dwarf galaxies are the essential ingredients in the buildup of large complex galaxies. They are relatively simple systems; yet their observed properties are somewhat at odds with theoretical predictions...

Exploring Early Earth and Habitability Using Ancient DNA

April 7, 2023 Lectures
Life is a planetary phenomenon and it is tuned to the conditions found on our planet that enable its existence. What is tuned, specifically, is the chemistry that occurs within cells, and enzymes are what...

Exoplanetary Probes: Resonant Chains, Exomoons, and Tidal Dynamics

April 19, 2023 Colloquia
I will introduce the resonant chains: ~10 planetary systems with 2-body and 3-body resonances among the planets. Gas giants, sub-Neptunes, super-Earths, and terrestrials all belong to such chains. TRAPPIST-1...

YAE Virtual Family STEM Forum

April 20, 2023 Community Events
Please join us to learn more about astronomy during our Youth for Astronomy and Engineering Program event "STEM Virtual Forum" followed by an opportunity to get a preview of next month's...

JWST Observations of Accretion, Outflow, and Embedded Disks in Class 0 Protostars

April 26, 2023 Colloquia
The Investigating Protostellar Accretion (IPA) program on JWST is focused on accretion in Class 0 protostars, and the interaction between their outflows and the innermost parts of their surrounding envelopes....


May 2, 2023 Lectures
Speaker:  Amanda Pagul (Space Telescope Science Institute) Recorded live on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

Red Giant Chemistry: Interactions, Interiors, and Galactic Evolution

May 3, 2023 Colloquia
Red giants can be great tracers of galactic chemical evolution since they can be studied to large distances. However, the mixture of elements they were born with can be altered over the course of their...

Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life in the Era of JWST

May 16 through 19, 2023 Symposia
Building on the foundational work enabled by HST and Spitzer, one of JWST’s main scientific drivers is the study of the origins of life, from planetary formation and exoplanetary...

Astrochemistry at High Resolution Faraday Discussion

May 31 through June 2, 2023 Science Meetings
Join us in Baltimore in May 2023 for this latest addition to the Faraday Discussion series. For over 100 years and 300 meetings, Faraday Discussions have led the conversation in the sciences lying between...

JWST at the 242nd American Astronomical Society Meeting

June 4 through 8, 2023 Science Meetings
The 242nd American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting will include updates as the astronomical community prepares for the second year of science with JWST.

Roman Science Inspired by Emerging JWST Results

June 20 through 23, 2023 Conferences
The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, planned to launch in late 2026, will provide a simultaneous field of view 100 times larger than that of JWST and 200 times larger than that of HST+WFC3/IR, sensitivity...

Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

June 20, 2023 Lectures
Speaker: TBD (Space Telescope Science Institute) Recorded live on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

YAE In-Person Family STEM Forum

July 13, 2023 Community Events
Please join us in-person to learn more about astronomy during our Youth for Astronomy and Engineering Program summer event "Family STEM Forum" followed by an opportunity to engage in hands-on...

The First Year of JWST Science Conference

September 11 through 14, 2023 Conferences
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope was launched successfully on December 25, 2021 and formally began science operations on July 12, 2022. STScI — the science and operations center...