Looking for adventure and a peek into the future for just $39.95?


Welcome to the next millennium with an escorted tour of our solar system, a trip to the mountains of Venus, a walk on the Moon with Neil Armstrong, and a long, deep view into the wilderness of space. Expand your knowledge of the universe with Electronic PictureBooks to guide you and prepare you for the discoveries to come.

The ExInEd program of the Space Telescope Science Institute creates Electronic PictureBooks using spectacular pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, interplanetary spacecraft, astronaut-held cameras, and more.

With nearly 500 color images, descriptive captions, plus over 25 minutes of exciting digital video from space, this CD-ROM provides an opportunity for you to explore the mysteries and marvels of our cosmic neighborhood as well as the deepest reaches of space.

Easy installation and intuitive navigational tools makes this material easily accessible for explorers of all ages.


 Some highlights are:

· Cross-platform access to space

· Resource for classroom and home learning

· Nearly 500 breathtaking space images

· Over 25 minutes of exciting digital video

· Easy navigation and reference tools

· News of recent astronomical discoveries

· Over 300 megabytes of information in all!


Available from:

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
390 Ashton Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112


Lorain County JVS 1518
Rt. 58 South
Oberlin, OH 44074
216-774-1051 ext 293.


You asked for it, you got it... cross-platform compatibility means that this CD runs on all computers with the MacOS® or Windows® operating systems.

The Flight of STS-47 Video Kiosk presents exciting video footage from the STS-47 Space Shuttle mission with a style using a slick yet intuitive user interface. (Click on the thumbnail above to see a screenshot
of the Kiosk)