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Cycle 21 Phase II Proposal Instructions
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Chapter 3: Fixed and Generic Targets > 3.5 Generic Targets [Generic_Targets]

3.5 Generic Targets [Generic_Targets]
Generic targets are those that can only be described in terms of astronomical characteristics or general location in the sky. This category is used only for Targets of Opportunity.
Generic targets should only be used in one of these two cases:
The visit is ON HOLD. In this case the target should be replaced by an actual target when the ON HOLD is removed, or
The exposure is SAME POS AS another exposure (so that the pointing is determined by the other exposure).
3.5.1 Target Number(s) [Target_Number]
The target number will be assigned by the APT software. This can be changed by the user. If you are using the Text Proposal File, generic targets should be given individual names and numbers just like fixed targets.
3.5.2 Target Name [Target_Name]
A descriptive name must be provided for each target. If a name cannot be specified in advance, a provisional name should be supplied. When the actual observation is made, a more specific name will be added to the target designation. Either the provisional name or the updated name can then be used for archival searches (e.g., SN might be the provisional name, while SN-1995D might be the updated name). A unique target name must be assigned to each generic target.
3.5.3 Target Description [Description]
See Section 3.1.3, “Target Category and Target Description [Description],” on page 28.
3.5.4 Flux Data [Flux]
See Section 3.3.1, “Flux Data [Flux and Other_Fluxes],” on page 43.
3.5.5 Comments [Comments]
See Section 3.4, “Comments [Comments],” on page 47.
3.5.6 Generic Target Specifications [Criteria]
The "Criteria" field is a where you describe your Generic Target. Examples are “Next SN in M31”, “Next bright, galactic nova”, or “GRB at z>5”.

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