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Cycle 20 Phase II Proposal Instructions
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HST Phase II Proposal Instructions for Cycle 20 > Chapter 3: Fixed and Generic Targets > 3.3 Target Category and Target Description [Description]

3.3 Target Category and Target Description
A target description must be selected for each target. The Target Description will be one of the key fields used by archival researchers in searching through the HST data archive; thus it is extremely important that the information be filled out completely and accurately for each target.
Each target must be assigned a single primary category from Table 3.2, and at least one descriptive keyword, chosen from the appropriate Table 3.3 through Table 3.9 (see Table 3.2 for which table is appropriate for each category). The discrete features and descriptors in Table 3.10 may be used as descriptive keywords for any category. A maximum of five descriptive keywords may be selected.
The categories in Table 3.2, and some of the descriptive keywords in Table 3.3 through Table 3.10, are followed by explanatory text in parentheses. This text is provided only for explanatory purposes and is not part of the category or keyword itself.
Text Proposal File
If you are using the Text Proposal File, target description items must be separated by commas.
Descriptive Keywords
SOLAR SYSTEM (Solar System Object)
STAR (Galactic Stellar Object)
EXT-STAR (Star in an External Galaxy)
STELLAR CLUSTER (Galactic Star Cluster, Group, or Association)
EXT-CLUSTER (Star Cluster in an External Galaxy)
GALAXY (Galaxy or AGN)
CLUSTER OF GALAXIES (Galaxy Groupings, Clusters, Large-scale Structure)
ISM (Interstellar Medium of the Galaxy)
EXT-MEDIUM (Interstellar Medium of an External Galaxy)
UNIDENTIFIED (Unidentified Objects)
CALIBRATION (Calibration Observations)
Table 3.3: Descriptive Keywords for STAR and EXT-STAR 
LMXB (Low Mass X-ray Binary)
MXB (Massive X-ray Binary)
Polar (AM Her Star)
Intermediate Polar (DQ Her Star)
Table 3.4: Descriptive Keywords for STELLAR CLUSTER and EXT-CLUSTER
Table 3.5: Descriptive Keywords for GALAXY
Spiral (Spiral Galaxy)
Quasar (Radio Loud)
Lenticular (Lenticular Galaxy)
Elliptical (Elliptical Galaxy; Not A Dwarf Elliptical)
BL Lac (BL Lac or BLAZAR)
Dwarf Compact (Dwarf Compact/HII Galaxy)
BCM (Brightest Cluster Member)
BGM (Brightest Group Member)
LSB (Low Surface Brightness/HI Rich Galaxy)
QSO (Radio Quiet)
Table 3.6: Descriptive Keywords for CLUSTER OF GALAXIES
BCM (Brightest Cluster Member)
BGM (Brightest Group Member)
Table 3.7: Descriptive Keywords for ISM and EXT-MEDIUM 
SNR (Supernova Remnant)
Damped Lyman Alpha Cloud (Extragalactic)
Coronal Gas (105–106 K)
Hot Gas (107–108 K)
PDR (Photon Dominated Region)
Table 3.8: Descriptive Keywords for UNIDENTIFIED
Table 3.9: Descriptive Keywords for CALIBRATION 
BLR (Broad Line Region)
NLR (Narrow Line Region)

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