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Spell Checkers

There are two spell checkers on the
VMS clusters: the SPELL command and the TEXSPELL command. SPELL is a general-purpose spelling checker, while TEXSPELL is specifically intended for use with TEX or LATEX source files. This section describes only SPELL; information about TEXSPELL is provided on page 101.

The SPELL command checks the spelling of all words in a standard text file. Keep in mind that the program will not always catch every misspelled word, and it will sometimes flag correctly spelled words as incorrect. Proper nouns, technical terms, and abbreviations will usually be flagged as incorrect unless you provide a list of these terms in a separate word file.

The command is normally invoked as follows:

$ SPELL filename
An optional personal dictionary file can be included, which can contain any proper names or abbreviations. To make your own word file you would use a standard editor, such as DECTPU, to create a text file with the type .TXT. The text file must conform to the following rules:

After creating the word file, you would type the command as follows:

$ WORDS your_word_file.txt personal_dictionary.wrd
This creates a word file with the type .WRD. Now you're ready to run SPELL. To use your own personal dictionary, you would enter the following command:

$ SPELL file_to_be_checked personal_dictionary.wrd

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