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WordPerfect v5.1, a
commercial word processing package, is available on the Science Cluster, from node EOTVOS. Users with terminals or workstations can use this word processing package. After logging onto EOTVOS, type WP at the dollar sign prompt, for example:

$ WP 
This immediately places you into a blank WordPerfect document. Some important keys to know while in a document are listed in Table

Table 5.1: Common WordPerfect Commands

You might want to create a subdirectory for your WordPerfect documents and do all your editing from that location.

PC users familiar with WordPerfect will be pleased to know files created using WordPerfect v5.1 on the PC can be copied to a VMS system, edited, and printed with no loss of formatting. This means margins, bolding, underlining, and other attributes are not lost so transferring documents between a PC and a VMS system is easy.

Users familiar with the PC version of WordPerfect will find that there is a difference in the mapping of function keys. The functions are all there, but the way you invoke commands is different. There are keypad templates available for all VMS users who have a keyboard with 20 function keys at the top of the keyboard. Stop by the VMS Support Office to pick one up. A limited number of copies of the WordPerfect Reference Manual are also available and can be checked out from the library.

Most WordPerfect are invoked by pressing at least two consecutive keystrokes. Figure 5.1 shows the command keystroke sequences used on certain VT200 and VT300 series keyboards--the keystrokes will be implemented differently on other keyboards, such as those found on Sun workstations. Several of the commands will bring up menus from which you select options.

Figure 5.1: WordPerfect Keyboard Commands

Frequently Asked WordPerfect Questions

I have never used a word processing package before, is there an easy way to learn it?
A: A brief four-page lesson is available in the WordPerfect Reference Manual, beginning on page 19. An extensive 36-lesson course is available. It uses a workbook and files provided by WordPerfect. The workbook is available for checkout from the library.

How do you print a document?

A: Pressing displays a print menu. Select the option desired; full document, current page, a set of pages, etc. The document will print on the printer named on the "S - Select Printer" line. Press to see the list of possible print queues.

How do I print a two-sided or a landscaped document?
A: With the cursor at the beginning of your document, select Format, . Next press (page) and then (paper size). Using the arrow keys, select the desired format:

Press the key three times to exit the Format menus.

Q: How often do I need to save a document to disk so my work will not be lost due to something abnormal, like a power outage?

A: WordPerfect has been configured to make automatic backup copies every 15 minutes. These files are usually written to the location pointed to by the logical sys$scratch. These timed backup files are deleted when you exit WordPerfect properly.

Q: There was a power outage while I was creating a document. How can I recover my work?

A: When you start WordPerfect after a non-standard exit, you should see this message:

"Backup files exist. Retrieve backups by pressing Home Retrieve (PF4,PF1,F18) in an empty document."
This message appears each time you enter WordPerfect until you retrieve, save or delete the backup file.

Q: How many people can use WordPerfect at once?
A: The Institute license allows 40 concurrent users.

Q: I have a WordPerfect document and I want to send a copy to someone, can I mail it?
A: It depends what the recipient plans to do with the document. If you simply want a person to read the document, it is best to create an ASCII file of the document while in WordPerfect and then mail this ASCII file. Create the ASCII file this way:

  1. Press to choose the Text In/Out function.

  2. Press to choose ASCII text.

  3. Press to save.

  4. Type the name for the ASCII file.

  5. Then mail the ASCII file.

If you want someone to have a WordPerfect document and continue to use it as a WordPerfect document, you need to get the file to the recipient "as is". If the user is local (such as Publications), simply give that person access to the file or copy it to a place where the recipient can access it.

Files can be transferred from a PC to a VMS system via Kermit. If you need to do this, directions are available. Send mail to VMSSUPPORT.

Q: How can I stop these broadcast messages? It really disturbs the creation of my document.
A: To immediately repaint the screen, type - .

Some people do not ever want broadcast messages sent to the terminal while editing a WordPerfect document. There is a special way to turn off these messages permanently. Setting the terminal to nobroadcast is not good enough. WordPerfect ignores this setting. Put the following code into your file:

$! these lines turn OFF broadcast while in WordPerfect!
$ create /name_table wpcorp_terminal_table /log
$ define /table=wpcorp_terminal_table disabled 0,1
After adding these lines, run your LOGIN.COM file by either logging in again or by typing this at the DCL prompt:

You can check to see if the logical is set by typing:

$  show log /table=WPCORP_TERMINAL_TABLE
Then, while you are in WordPerfect and the system attempts to deliver a broadcast message to your screen, you will see a reverse- video "A", for announce, displayed on the bottom right-hand side of the terminal.

To display the message that was just broadcast, press the key and then - . To return to your document, just press - .

Q: What else can WordPerfect do?
A: Additional capabilities include a spell checker, a graphics feature, a document convert program, and an equation editor. These are described fully in the WordPerfect Reference Manual, available in the library.

Table 5.1: - Common WordPerfect Commands
Figure 5.1: - WordPerfect Keyboard Commands
Frequently Asked WordPerfect Questions

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