Information and Resources


A variety of information is maintained by the STScI
Library to assist astronomers in their research. The information is in a series of files that can be searched using the LIBSEARCH command on the science cluster. After typing LIBS at the DCL prompt, the menu shown in Figure 9.2 will appear.

Figure 9.2: Menu for the LIBSearch Facility

The following types of information are accessible:

In addition to the files accessed by the LIBSEARCH command, there are other commands that access files provided by the library. These commands include EMAIL and SNAIL. EMAIL gives the electronic mail addresses for astronomers around the world and SNAIL provides postal addresses for observatories and astronomy departments.

You can also search the library's catalog of holdings by connecting to the machine STLIB (using the SET HOST command, as explained on page 151) and logging in with the username "STLIB"; this is a captive account for which you need no password. Although a manual for using the data base is available in the library, the system is simple enough that you can likely find most of what you need by following the on-screen prompts.

Figure 9.2: - Menu for the LIBSearch Facility

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