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STEIS is the Spa
ce Telescope Electronic Information System. It contains information relevant to HST and STScI. You can use STEIS to get software, images, tables and information that will help you to reduce your HST data, or use it as a starting point to explore the myriad resources available on the net.

Many of the files relevant to data reduction are located in the /instrument_news and /cdbs directories. STSDAS and related software are located in the /software directories. Additional documents of use to observers include the instrument handbooks and Archive manuals in the /documents directory. If you need help using STEIS contact the User Support Branch (e-mail

You can access STEIS either through anonymous FTP, or by using tools such as Gopher or Mosaic (see "Finding Resources" on page 163); a listserver facility is also available.

To access STEIS using FTP, type:

$ ftp

You will then log in using the username "anonymous" and your e-mail address as the password. A sample anonymous FTP session is shown in the section "FTP" on page 153.

If you use Mosaic to access STEIS (see page 165), the URL is:

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