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This appendix includes forms for:

This appendix also includes the list of security policies described in a memo to Institute science computer users from the Associate Director of Operations. The policies begin on page 192.

The request form for science accounts must be completed for each cluster on which you need an account. Requests for accounts on the Guide Stars cluster must be approved by the Chief of the Catalogs and Surveys Branch. You must read the memo from the Associate Director of Operations describing security policies before the account request will be accepted. (The policies are described on page 192.) The completed form should be returned to the system managers in room 336.

The request form for operations cluster accounts (STOSC) also requires that you read the security policies and obtain your Branch Chief's signature. Completed forms should be returned to the system operators in room 126.

VAX Computer Account Request: Science Clusters
VAX Computer Account Request: Operations Cluster
File Restore Request
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Security Policies

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