DOC: FOS Documentation

DOC: Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

Abstracts, and in many cases, text of FOS Instrument Science Reports are on-line.

DOC: HST Data Handbook - Version 3 ( fall 1997)

The HST Data Handbook version 3 is the definitive reference manual for the reduction and analysis of HST data. Separate volumes now exist for current generation and retired (heritage) instruments. The FOS information is found in Volume II of the new Handbook. It describes data sets produced by each instrument aboard the Hubble Space Telescope and techniques for reading, understanding, calibrating, and analyzing the data. Appendices are available that describe how to use the HST data archives, STEIS, and the STSDAS and IRAF software.

DOC: FOS Instrument Handbook

Version 6.0 (June 1995) (PDF 0.8 Mbytes) (Postscript 6.3 Mbytes)

The primary source for information about the post-COSTAR FOS. This version was prepared for Cycle 6 proposers and observers. All earlier versions are OBSOLETE for the purposes of technical descriptions of FOS strategies and on-orbit performance.

Version 1.1 (pre-launch) : Paper only at this time

This version, which consists of the original 1984 description of the instrument and a May 1990 supplemental update, presents the best available technical description of FOS instrumental design and low-level operational modes. Archival researchers may find the the April, 1992 (3.0) version and its corrigenda useful for description of on-orbit FOS usage in the pre-COSTAR era.

Please contact The STScI Help Desk ( for assistance in obtaining paper copies of the Handbook.

DOC: Proceedings from 3rd HST Calibration Workshop - with a New Generation of Instruments

(31 March 1998) The third HST Calibration Workshop was held at the Space Telescope Science Institute Baltimore from September 22-24, 1997. The focus of this workshop was on the new instruments installed during the Second Servicing Mission. Several FOS papers were presented including a thorough review of the closeout status of the instrument.
All individual contributions are available online. The hardcopy Proceedings are available by request from The STScI Help Desk(

DOC: Proceedings from 2nd Calibration Workshop - Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope: Post-Servicing Mission

(20 October 1995) A workshop on calibrating Hubble Space Telescope Data after the servicing mission was held at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore from May 15th to May 17th 1995. The hardcopy Proceedings of this workshop are available by request from The STScI Help Desk (
Here we provide access to postscript format copies of all posters and papers presented by the FOS group.

DOC: Proceedings of the 1st HST Calibration Workshop

Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope is the proceedings from the first HST Calibration Workshop, held at the Space Telescope Science Institute November 15-17, 1993. These proceedings include discussions on the calibration of each instrument. There is also a general section that includes papers on the Optical Telescope Assembly, the HST Calibration Database and information on the calibration of other space observatories such as the IUE and the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope.

DOC: Guides to FOS Calibration Reference Files and Tables

(30 Jan 1998) New listings based upon FOS Calibration Closeout. AIS reference files and tables and SINGLE aperture post-COSTAR flatfield reference files are provided.

FOS Archives

Archive of technical information and newsletters published during the FOS mission. Most of this information is retained here as historical background and should be of little interest to researchers who have re-calibrated with FOS Closeout Calibration reference files. Documents preserved here currently include FOS STANs and FOS TIPS viewgraphs.

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