SOG Unix Phone Mail Distribution List

When the SOGS Unix systems go down due to difficulties with the system or power failures, it is necessary to keep all users informed of the down time. Since email cannot be used in this situation, a Phone Mail distribution list has been created with each SOGS Unix user's name and extension.

Normally Tony Roman or one of the System Leads will initiate this procedure. However, if these peopple are unavaillable (vacation, after hours, etc.), please take the initiative to see that the users are informed (but be sure we don't send multiple messages!).

Below are instructions on how to deliver a message to the Distribution List:

  1. Activate the Phone Mail system (x1234)
  2. When prompted, press 1 to record the message
  3. When prompted, enter the Distribution List number: 500
  4. Exit Phone mail and your message will be sent.
Of course, if SOGS Unix is down, its unlikely you'll be able to get to this Web page, so just remember the phone list number!
Last Updated July 11, 2000 by Tony Roman