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In the our continuing effort to streamline our systems and improve service to the science community, the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is developing and releasing, APT - The Astronomer's Proposal Tool as the new interface for Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Phase I and Phase II proposal submissions for HST Cycle 12. APT, was formerly called the Scientist's Expert Assitant (SEA), which started as a prototype effort to try and bring state of the art technology, more visual tools and power into the hands of proposers so that they can optimize the scientific return of their programs as well as HST.

To be consistent with the normal HST Phase I submission process, we are asking Scientists wishing to request Director's Discretionary (DD) time to use APT to submit their DD programs and to provide us feedback on their use of this new tool via the Submission comments section of the APT Submission process. To download and install APT, as well as review the APT help documentation and "How to Submit" a Phase I program you can go to You will be providing the "Coverpage" information via the APT tool and you will attach your scientific justification and observation description as a PDF attachment to your submission. More detailed information is below as well as in the "How to Submit" documentation.

If you would like a template to use for your Scientific Justification go to the Cycle 12 Announcement Page.

Upon completion of your DD submission, your DD program will be transferred to the STScI for processing by our DD team. If you run into problems submitting a DD Request, send mail to "" for investigation/resolution.

Please refer to the latest Call for Proposals for the Policies Regarding DD proposals.

Proposals for DD time must be sufficiently detailed for adequate evaluation. The required level of detail is the same as for proposals submitted for the regular observing cycles, as described in the latest Call for Proposals. Among other things, the proposed observations and the use of DD time must both be explicitly justified, there must be an adequate description of how the proposed observations relate to the current state of knowledge, and the proposed observations must be described in sufficient detail to allow technical evaluation.

Summary of APT DD Required Items

Coverpage Information:

Investigator Information: Full address for PI and limited for CoIs

Observations: (Repeat for as many observations as required)

Proposal Justification Information PDF Attachment:

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