The Hubble Deep Field Data Products:

Quick summary

Raw Data Can be extracted from the HST archive.
Version 1 No longer available on line. We recommend using version 2.
Version 2 Final reduced images and catalogs.

The HDF data were released for general use on January 15, 1996. We have tried to anticipate the needs and desires of most astronomers, while keeping the data volume reasonable. The data products, from least processed to most processed, are listed below. The data volume, even for final images, is considerable. To reduce the load on the STScI ftp site and speed data transfer in other parts of the world, several sites have agreed to mirror the STScI data repository. Check their web pages for details on how to transfer the data.

Other HDF data sites: ST-ECF (Germany); CADC (Canada); and UKHST (UK).

  • Raw data. Available January 15, 1996.
  • Version 1. Available January 15, 1996. As of November 1, 1996, these data are no longer available on line. We recommend the use of version 2 data.
  • Version 2. Available February 29, 1996.

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