HDF version 1

As of November 1, 1996, the version 1 data are no longer available on line. Contact the undersigned if you wish to obtain them. We recommend the use of the version 2 data.

The names of the data sets below reflect the (original) directory structure on stdatu. Other portions of the HDF web pages provide details on how these images were constructed. Astronomers planning to dive into the data head first are urged to read about the shortcuts taken in the data processing for version 1.

  • calibration. Calibration frames used in the HDF pipeline. This includes the superdark, the superbias, and the flats.

  • dither Stacked images at each dither position. There are ## of these. Some have scattered light; most do not.

  • crude_combine. Images at the different dither positions shifted and medianed together to produce a combined image at the original pixel scale with no correction for geometric distortion, but with a minimal amount of interpolation. Caution: Using the median in the image combination was a shortcut that quickly removed the hot pixels, but may lead to systematic errors in the photometry if the images were not perfectly registered.

  • drizzled Images at the different dither positions registered to a small fraction of an original pixel, corrected for geometric distortion, and ``drizzled'' onto a final image with a sampling of 0.04 arcsec/pixel. An image with a rough estimate of the variance at each pixel is also available.

  • Catalogs of objects. Updated January 16, 1996 with corrected x,y and RA, DEC positions.

  • Flanking Field images. 1 & 2 orbit exposures of 8 adjacent fields. Installed Feb. 7, 1996.

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