HDF Clearinghouse

While there is likely to be lively competition in interpreting the HDF images and carrying out follow up observations, it is our hope that there will not be much needless duplication of effort. To this end, we invite anyone contemplating followup observations or detailed analysis to share information through the HDF web page. In other words, we will provide pointers to other web locations that describe research on the HDF. The aim is to establish a forum for publicizing the status of followup work in order to avoid too much duplication, and to provide points of contact for cooperation/collaboration between various investigators. If you are interested in participating, please contact ferguson@stsci.edu.

HDF Preprints and Publications recorded by the STScI librarian (please send us your preprints if they are not listed here).

Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS).

Hawaii Hubble Deep Field North (Subaru images).

Hawaii Flanking Field Catalog.

A New Catalog of Photometric Redshifts in the HDF (Fernandez-Soto, Lanzetta, and Yahil 1998, ApJ submitted).

MERLIN Observations

KPNO IRIM Observations

Keck Caltech Consortium


Hawaii IFA HDF followup

The Hawaii Active Catalog

VLA survey of the HDF and flanking fields.

HDF followup at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

HDF followup by the DEEP collaboration using Keck LRIS.

Berkeley HDF group.

HDF Followup from SUNY Stony Brook.

ISO HDF followup observations -- data and preprints available

Chandra HDF Observations.

Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope 1.4 GHz observations.

The Hubble Deep Fields at the Rome Observatory.

European VLBI Network observations of the HDF-N.

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