E. B. Fomalont (efomalon@nrao.edu)
                        K. I. Kellermann (kkellerm@nrao.edu)
                        R. B. Partridge (bpartrid@haverford.edu)
                        E. Richards (er4n@algol.astro.virginia.edu)
                        R. A. Windhorst (raw@cosmos.la.asu.edu)

        We are making a deep image of the HDF at 3.6 cm wavelength using
the VLA in its C configuration, which provides an angular resolution of
about 3 arcsec. Observations began in early February and will continue
through March. The VLA field of view (nearly 9 arcmin in diameter) covers
the entire HDF and most of the flanking fields.

        We plan additional observations at the same wavelength with the VLA
in its D configuration. The data, when combined with the C-configuration
data, will  produce images at about 6 arcsec resolution and with an rms
noise of 1.7 microJy. We also plan high resolution, A-configuration
observations at both 3.6 cm (to provide 0.35 arcsec resolution) and 20 cm
(to yield radio spectral indices). On the basis of earlier work on another
HST field (Nature, 375, 471 [1995]), we expect to detect 50-60 of the
optically visible sources in the HDF and its flanking fields. Of these,
virtually all are likely to be identified with optical objects.

        Our images will be made available on the Internet.