HDF Flats:

The flatfield calibration files are intended to remove spatial variations in the throughput of the WFPC-2 camera. The flats used for the HDF are listed below.

     f300w  fcl0935bu.r4h
     f450w  fcl0935gu.r4h
     f606w  fcl0935ku.r4h
     f814w  fcl0935nu.r4h

A description of the above flats is included in the HISTORY fields in the headers of these files, and is reproduced below

While these were the best flats at the time of the HDF, new flats have since been created which are noticeably superior on large scales. At present, the recommended flat field correction files are

     f300w  G6409256U.R4H
     f450w  G640925GU.R4H
     f606w  G640925RU.R4H
     f814w  G6409260U.R4H

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