The Hubble Deep Field

The Hubble Deep field is located at 12h 36m 49.4000s +62d 12' 58.000" (J2000 Equinox).

The location of the HDF is shown superimposed on a KPNO R band image obtained by Peter Eisenhardt with the 4-meter telescope. The HDF is the central field shown in yellow. In addition, short exposures were taken at the positions shown in red, to assist those planning multislit spectroscopy. For the two inner fields the exposure were 2 orbits long. For the other flanking fields, the exposures were 1 orbit. All flanking field exposures are in F814W.

Field Selection Criteria

The field is optimally placed in the Northern Continuous Viewing Zone (CVZ). This fixed the declination to be near +62 deg. The northern hemisphere was chosen to allow for follow up observations from the VLA, Keck, and KPNO observatories, although the desirability of selecting a second field in the southern CVZ is acknowledged should this be possible in the future.

The position of HDF is shown as a 1 on the attached IRAS map, and is outlined on the attached Digitized Sky Survey image.

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Harry Ferguson 01/14/96