Life Cycles of Radio Galaxies


An International Workshop

July 15 - 17, 1999.

held at
Space Telescope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD, USA

The aim of this meeting is to provide a forum for debate about the births, lives and deaths of radio galaxies and related objects, from both observational and theoretical viewpoints.
Keynote questions to be addressed:
  • What is different about the host galaxies (normal vs. active and radio-loud vs. radio quiet)? What does this tell us about the trigger mechanism?
  • Can we realistically model the development of Radio Galaxies over their lifetimes (e.g., how well do we know their environments; how does the "efficiency" evolve)? How can existing models be checked by observations?
  • What sets the limit on the ages of the Radio Galaxies that we see?
  • What is the relation between FR I and FR II radio galaxies?
  • What is the duty cycle of jet activity, and what do recurrent outbursts tell us about the AGN?

There will be ample opportunity for discussion.


John Biretta, Paddy Leahy, Chris O'Dea, Eric Perlman, Peter Barthel, and Anton Koekemoer


Thanks to everyone for contributing to a fantastic workshop!

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