SINGG: Survey for Ionization in Neutral-Gas Galaxies
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The HIPASS H-alpha survey is a project to measure ionized hydrogen in a sample of 500 galaxies selected via their 21-cm neutral hydrogen emission. Our aim is to understand better the global physics of star formation in galaxies, and to quantify better the total rate of star formation in the nearby universe.

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Parkes 21cm Miltibeam

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Survey Overview A brief description of the scientific objectives of the survey.
The Proposal March 2000 NOAO Survey proposal to observe 500 HI-selected galaxies in H-alpha.
News and Status Survey progress, data releases, etc.
"First light" image from survey. IC5332.
Red=H alpha, Blue = R band continuum, Green = H alpha before continuum subtraction
More pretty pictures coming soon.
Public Data Publicly available data. (Run 1 is available).
Internal Site SINGG internal web site.
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