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This table shows all the SODRM Solar System Science programs. The columns list the current SODRM program number, the estimated total time (exposure and direct overheads), the title, and the instruments used. Refer to the Solar System Program Information page for details.

Number Hours Title NIRCam NIRSpec NIRISS MIRI
92010 38.2 Martian Atmosphere   X   X
92020 179.2 Periodic Comets       X
92030 54.4 Bright Comets, Targets of Opportunity (ToO) X X   X
92040 138.1 Icy Dwarf Planets   X   X
92050 96.8 Solar System Ice Giants: Uranus & Neptune X X   X
92060 245.1 Giant Planet Satellites   X   X
92070 329.2 Kuiper Belt Objects X X   X
92080 150.4 Main-Belt Asteroids   X   X

Other SODRM Programs


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