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Charles Tony Keyes headshot

Tony is an AURA Scientist in the Instruments division.  He has worked as an HST Instrument Scientist on FOS, STIS, and COS and has been FOS group lead and COS technical lead.  As an instrument scientist on the JWST NIRSpec team he is the Operations Lead and specializes in target acquisition.  His research expertise involves spectroscopic observation of low-to-intermediate density astrophysical plasmas, particularly in the environments of planetary nebulae and interacting binary stars. 

Science Interests:

  • Multiwavelength (UV, optical, IR) Spectroscopy
  • Emission line diagnostics
  • Symbiotic star structure and evolution
  • Planetary Nebulae and Central Stars
  • Thermal and ionization structure modeling
  • Chemical abundance evolution


Research Topics: Planetary nebulae, Interacting binary stars, Circumstellar disks, Stellar evolution, Nucleosynthesis, JWST, HST



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