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Dean Hines is an AURA Scientist. He uses ultraviolet, visual and infrared imaging, spectropolarimetry and spectroscopy, as well as radio imaging using the Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico to investigate active galaxies, quasars, stellar evolution, and the formation and evolution of planetary systems. He is a member of the HST/NICMOS, Spitzer/MIPS instrument and science teams, and the JWST/MIRI Instrument Team Lead.

Science Interests:

  • Dust Composition of Comets
  • Structure and Composition of Debris Disks
  • Nature of Buried AGN
  • Structure and Evolution of Pre-pPlanetary Nebulae
  • Dust in White Dwarf Systems
  • Infrared Instrumentation
  • High Contrast Imaging


Research Topics: Polarimetry, Infrared Astronomy, High Contrast Imaging, Active Galactic Nuclei, Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems, Comets and small Solar System bodies, Supernova Remnants, Pre-Planetary Nebulae, Dust


Professional Websites:

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