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Max Mutchler

Research and Instrument Scientist
Max Mutchler headshot

Max is currently the head of the Research and Instrument Analysis Branch in the Instruments Division. His science projects primarily involve Hubble imaging of small Solar System objects, particularly disrupted asteroids and main-belt comets. He has conducted Hubble observations of Pluto in support of the New Horizons mission (which led to the discovery of 4 moons), and observations of Ceres and Vesta in support of the Dawn mission. He has also produced many of Hubble's iconic "pretty pictures" as a member of the outreach imaging team at STScI.  

Science Interests:

  • Origin and evolution of active asteroids: disruption events and main-belt comets (MBCs)
  • Origin and evolution of new comets
  • Solar System moon searches and characterization
  • Supporting observations for planetary missions


Research Topics: Instrumentation; Solar System; Dwarf Planets; Active Asteroids; Comets


Professional Websites:

Professional Website


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0088-3021


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