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  1. 2014-100 Modifications to Final Reprocessed FOC Headers before Ingest

    February 12, 2014D. Fraquelli, L. Gardner, A. Alexov, D. Durand
  2. 099 Final Reprocessing of FOC Data

    December 01, 2006I. Kamp, D. Durand, A. Micol
    The report describes the final calibration of FOC data made by CADC, ST-ECF and STScI. The data products can be accessed at the three datacenters MAST, CADC and STECF.
  3. 98-01 FOC PSF Monitoring Program for Cycles 4-6

    February 03, 1998R. Jedrzejewski
  4. 099A FOC Cycle 7 Calibration Plan

    June 11, 1997R. Jedrzejewski
  5. 098 FOC f/48 Spectrophotometric Calibration

    June 09, 1997M. Voit, R. Jedrzejewski
  6. 097 FOC f/48 Spectrograph Rectification

    June 09, 1997M. Voit
  7. 096 FOC f/48 Wavelength Calibration

    January 28, 1997M. Voit
  8. 095 FOC f/48 Geometric Correction

    October 29, 1996M. Voit and W. Hack
  9. 094 FOC Neutral Density Filter Throughputs

    July 09, 1996W. Hack and M. Voit
  10. 093 FOC Cycle 4 Calibration Program Observations and Results

    May 07, 1996A. Nota and W. Hack
  11. 092 FOC Objective Prisms: Calibrations and Software

    April 18, 1996W. Hack
  12. 090 Results of the Cycle 4 FOC UV Throughput Monitoring Program

    January 15, 1996R. Jedrzejewski
  13. 085 Results of the Cycle 4 FOC DQE Program

    January 15, 1996R. Jedrzejewski
  14. 088 A Description of the Software used to Derive the Geometric Correction

    September 12, 1995P. Greenfield
  15. 087 The New f/96 Geometric Correction Models

    September 12, 1995P. Greenfield


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