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093 Modifications to Final Reprocessed GHRS Headers before Ingest

February 12, 2014D. Fraquelli, L. Gardner, A. Alexov, Daniel Durand

092 Final Reprocessing of GHRS Data

December 01, 2006I. Kamp, D. Durand, and A. Micol

091 Summary of GHRS Documentation at STScI and a GHRS Bibliography

September 24, 1997D.R. Soderblom, Lisa E. Sherbert, and Jennifer Mack

090 Redetermination of Sensitivity for Echelle-B

August 30, 1997J.R. Mack, L.E. Sherbert, D.R. Soderblom

089 Summary of the Post-COSTAR Side 2 Sensitivity Monitors for GHRS

August 30, 1997L.E. Sherbert

083 The Far Wings of the GHRS PSF

August 30, 1997A.B. Schultz, S.Hultert, L.E. Sherbert, and D. Soderblom

088 Redetermination of Sensitivity for Echelle-A and G140M

July 31, 1997J.R. Mack, L.E. Sherbert, and D.R. Soderblom

087 GHRS Cycle 6 Calibration Close-Out

June 29, 1997D.R. Soderblom and L.E. Sherbert

086 GHRS Cycle 5 Calibration Close-Out

June 29, 1997L. E. Sherbert, D. R. Soderblom, and J. Mack

085 Redetermination of Sensitivity for Grating G140L

April 29, 1997L. E. Sherbert, D. R. Soderblom, and J. Mack

084 Implementation of a Background Count Rate Model for the GHRS

April 29, 1997M. D. De La Pena, D. R. Soderblom

082 Analysis of Detector Calibrations for the GHRS for Cycles 4, 5 and 6

April 29, 1997Howard H. Lanning, David R. Soderblom, Stephen J. Hulbert, and Lisa E. Sherbert

081 An Analysis of Pipeline Wavelength Calibrations for the First-Order Gratings of the GHRS in Cycles 4 Through 6

April 29, 1997Howard H. Lanning, David R. Soderblom, Anne Gonnella, and Lisa Sherbert

080 Offsets in Wavelength Between the Large and Small Science Apertures of the GHRS

January 30, 1997A.B. Schultz, D. Soderblom, S. Hulbert, and L. Sherbert

079 Interpreting GHRS Target Positioning

January 30, 1997A.B. Schultz and J. Bacinski

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