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017 Investigation of HSP VIS Loss in Sensitivity

October 01, 1993Townsley, L.C.

016 HSP 2912 Calibration Report

September 24, 1992Nelson, M.

015 Orbital Periodic Errors in HSP Photometry

December 09, 1992Nelson, M.

014 Prism Mode Calibration Test

June 01, 1992Nelson, M.

013 Contribution to the Investigation of HSP Proposal 1389 Anomalies

April 23, 1992Bely, P., Lupie, O., and Halter, E.

012 High Speed Photometer Pulsar Timing and Light Curve Reduction

Percival, J.P.

011 Effect of Centering and Jitter Error in HSP Photometry

August 01, 1990White, R.L.

010 Testing of RSDP Algorithms in December 89

February 01, 1990Walter, L.E.

009 HSP Mode I Target Acquisition Test

December 08, 1989Walter, L.E.

008 Testing of the HSP RSDP Algorithms

November 30, 1989Walter, L.E.

007 Bright Object Limits for HSP

September 25, 1989White, R.L.

006 Polynomial Fitting for HSPRSPD Algorithms

January 27, 1988White, R.L.

005 Procedure Used for Testing RSDP Algorithms

December 17, 1987White, R.L.

004 Simulation of Aperture Finding Using the HSP Onboard Target Acquisition Application Processor

July 10, 1987White, R.L.

003 Results of HSP Throughput Tests During TVTB

February 20, 1987White, R.L.

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