Bruzal and Charlot 2003

The Bruzual and Charlot 2003 Models are galaxy template models  for solar metallicity, tau=0.6 Gyr, age=1.015 Gyr and generated using a Chabrier IMF, exponentially decreasing star formation and no dust. Bruzual and Charlot 2003 use spectral evolution models of stellar populations at ages between 1 × 105 and 2 × 1010 yr at a resolution of 3 Å across the whole wavelength range from 3200 to 9500 Å for a wide range of metallicities.  Their models incorporates thermally pulsing stars on the asymptotic giant branch.

Table 1: List of available BC03 Models

File Age (Gyr)
tau06_z02_1015_190 1.01519
tau06_z02_2500_000 2.5
tau06_z02_4500_000 4.5
tau06_z02_5000_000 5.0
tau06_z02_6000_000 6.0
tau06_z02_8000_000 8.0
tau06_z02_12000_000 12.0


Bruzual and Charlot 2003 (MNRAS, 344, 1000). Tau models with solar metallicity, Tau = 0.6 Gyr, and exponentially decreasing star formation.

These spectra can be found in the non-stellar ftp site.


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