Access to the BZ77 Atlas

The BRUZUAL ATLAS contains 77 spectra frequently used in  the synthesis of galaxy spectra. See below for a complete list of the stars in this atlas. To get individual spectra, go to the BZ77 Atlas.

Table 1: List of Spectra in the Atlas

bz_1.fits O5V
bz_2.fits O7V
bz_3.fits O8V
bz_4.fits O9V
bz_5.fits B0V
bz_6.fits B1V
bz_7.fits B2V
bz_8.fits B3V
bz_9.fits B5V
bz_10.fits B7V
bz_11.fits B8V
bz_12.fits B9V
bz_13.fits A0V
bz_14.fits A1V
bz_15.fits A2V
bz_16.fits A3V
bz_17.fits A5V
bz_18.fits A7V
bz_19.fits F2V
bz_20.fits F5V
bz_21.fits F6V
bz_22.fits F7V
bz_23.fits F8V
bz_24.fits G0V
bz_25.fits G1V
bz_26.fits G2V
bz_27.fits G5V
bz_28.fits K0V
bz_29.fits K3V
bz_30.fits K5V
bz_31.fits K9V
bz_32.fits M0V
bz_33.fits M1V
bz_34.fits M2V
bz_35.fits M6V
bz_36.fits O8III
bz_37.fits O9III
bz_38.fits B0.5III
bz_39.fits B1III
bz_40.fits B2III
bz_41.fits B5III
bz_42.fits B7III
bz_43.fits B8III
bz_44.fits B9.5III
bz_45.fits A0III
bz_46.fits A2III
bz_47.fits A3III
bz_48.fits A5III
bz_49.fits A7III
bz_50.fits F0III
bz_51.fits G0III
bz_52.fits G8III
bz_53.fits G9III
bz_54.fits K0III
bz_55.fits K2III
bz_56.fits K5III
bz_57.fits K6III
bz_58.fits M0III
bz_59.fits M1III
bz_60.fits M3III
bz_61.fits M4III
bz_62.fits M5III
bz_63.fits M6III
bz_64.fits O7I
bz_65.fits O9.5I
bz_66.fits B0I
bz_67.fits B0.5I
bz_68.fits B5I
bz_69.fits B8I
bz_70.fits A2I
bz_71.fits F0I
bz_72.fits F2I
bz_73.fits F8I
bz_74.fits G0I
bz_75.fits G2I
bz_76.fits G8I
bz_77.fits M1M2I


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