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Composite QSO Spectrum

This Composite Quasar Spectra in the Optical and NIR is a model of a composite template spectra for Quasars. This model was created using optical spectra from 2200 SDSS quasar spectra from Vanden Berk et. al (2001) and 27 quasar spectra observed with IRTF in the near-infrared by  Glikman et al. (2006). This template covers the wavelength range between 0.086 and 3.52 \(\mu m \) . The wavelengths are in \(\dot{A}\), and the fluxes were tabulated in units of \(erg\ s^{-1}\ cm^{-2}\ \dot{A}^{-1}\).

Currently we have only one model and given in the following table. It can be downloaded at Composite Quasar

Name Model  Wavelength Range
spectrumoptical_nir_qso_sed_001.fits 0.086 and 3.52 \(\mu m \)


  • Glikman et al. 2006; ApJ 640, 579
  • Vanden Berk et al. 2001; AJ 122, 549


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