The Phoenix Models by France Allard and Collaborators

These models use static, spherically symmetric, 1D simulations to describe the atmospheric emission spectrum completely. The models account for the formation of molecular bands, such as those of water vapor, methane, or titanium dioxide, solving for the transfer equation over more than 20,000 wavelength points on average — producing synthetic spectra with 2 Angstrom resolution. The line selection is repeated at each iteration of the model until it has converged and the thermal structure obtained. The models here are calculated with a cloud model, valid across the entire parameter range.

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The Phoenix models in our library were obtained on Nov. 14, 2011. These are separated by Log Z value:

These can downloaded from The models are within directories called "phoenixsz", where "s" is replaced by for "-" or for "+", and "z" for the metallicity value: e.g. 05 for "0.5" or 35 for "3.5". Following this naming convention we have that the dirctory phoenixm05 contains all the models for log z = -0.5.

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