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Planetary Nebula Spectrum

Access to download the templates at MAST HLSP Planetary Nebulae

The Planetary Nebula Templates are spectra of planetary nebulae created using Castelli/Kurucz 2004 or Rauch (2003) models as inputs to the CLOUDY nebular simulations, (Ferland, G. J., et al., 2017). The templates were generated for Kurucz/Atlas or Rauch stellar atmosphere models with a constant density nebula. Spectra were then simulated and rebinned to a uniform resolution of 6000 data points. Each of the generated spectra has different luminosities and different Hydrogen densities. The abundances were scaled solar, except for the 53000 K carbon-rich model, which was matched to the data for the specific source SMP LMC 58. The spectra have either silicate or amorphous carbon dust in the gas, and are for an assumed distance of 1 kpc. The lines in the spectra have a constant 50 km/s velocity width, and the line profiles were calculated at 10 times oversampling. The wavelengths are in Angstroms, while the fluxes are in \(erg\ s^{-1}\ cm^{-2} \ \dot{A}^{-1}\).

Filename   Temp (K)
pn_spectrum_030k_normal.fits  30,000  
pn_spectrum_050k_normal.fits 50,000 
pn_spectrum_053k_crich.fits 53,000 (carbon rich)
pn_spectrum_070k_normal.fits 70,000   
pn_spectrum_100k_normal.fits 100,000   



  • Castelli, F., Kurucz R. L. 2004, astro-ph/0405087
  • Rauch, T., 2003, A&A, 403, 709
  • Ferland, G. J., et al., 2017, Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Vol. 53, pp. 385-438


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