WFC3/IR G102 Calibration and Reference Files

The configuration and calibration files presented in this page are in the correct format to be used with the aXe extraction software and the aXeSIM simulation software. The files linked here are based on the latest available calibrations. Older files can be found in the WFC3 FTP directory. To use these calibration products with aXe and aXeSIM, copy them into a directory and set your AXE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to point to that directory.

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Configuration Files

Reference Filter Configuration File
F098M G102.F098M.V4.32.conf
F105W G102.F105W.V4.32.conf
F110W G102.F110W.V4.32.conf
F125W G102.F125W.V4.32.conf
F126N G102.F126N.V4.32.conf
F127M G102.F127M.V4.32.conf
F128N G102.F128N.V4.32.conf
F130N G102.F130N.V4.32.conf
F132N G102.F132N.V4.32.conf
F139M G102.F139M.V4.32.conf
F140W G102.F140W.V4.32.conf
F153M G102.F153M.V4.32.conf
F160W G102.F160W.V4.32.conf
F164N G102.F164N.V4.32.conf
F167N G102.F167N.V4.32.conf


v2.0 Configuration file calibrated to the F098M direct image: WFC3.IR.G102.V2.0.conf


Senstitivity, Flat Field, Master Sky Files

-1st order WFC3.IR.G102.m1st.sens.3.fits.gz
0th order WFC3.IR.G102.0th.sens.1.fits.gz
+1st order WFC3.IR.G102.1st.sens.2.fits.gz
+2nd order WFC3.IR.G102.2nd.sens.3.fits.gz
+3rd order WFC3.IR.G102.3rd.sens.3.fits.gz
Flat-field Cube: WFC3.IR.G102.flat.2.fits.gz
Master Sky Image:


Additional information on the grism sky subtraction is provided on the WFC3 grism master sky page.

Calibration History

The files were created using both ground-test (flat-field cube) and in-flight data (sensitivity and master sky), wth details given in WFC3 ISRs 2008-162009-182011-01 and 2011-05.

Calibrations are derived based on object positions determined from F098M direct imaging. Offsets from WFC3 ISR 2010-12 should be applied if positions are determined from imaging in other filters.

The master sky image should only be applied to data reprocessed using calwf3 v2.0 or later. It is also necessary to use them together with the aXe configuration file WFC3.IR.G102.V1.0.conf or later. WFC3 ISR 2011-01 gives details of how the master sky images were created.

Feb 5, 2016: Updated configuration files are now avaialble for a range of grism-filter combinations. Details on the data analysis will be provided in an upcoming ISR (Pirzkal et al., 2016).

Jan 24, 2011: Updated G102 sensitivity, flat-field, and configuration files are available, based on additional analysis of standard star data obtained in Cycle 17. The new files are designated as version 2. Note that the zeroth-order sensitivity file remains at version 1. Details of the data analysis are given in WFC3 ISR 2011-05.

Nov 23, 2010: An updated G102 configuration file (V1.5) is available, which contains changes to fix a problem encountered when using the 'fluxcube' method in aXe to produce a contamination image. It was noticed that the zeroth-order spectra were not showing up in the contamination image and therefore that order was being neglected when estimating the contamination in spectra. The V1.5 configuration files contain appropriate changes to the definitions for the zeroth-order spectra (BEAM B) to fix this problem.

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